Meet Miss Wilson

Welcome Parents and Students,

It is exciting to be the teacher of Room 18 at Reremoana School, especially as we are the lucky ones with a brand new classroom and furniture!

I am in my fifth year of teaching at Reremoana School and have taught many different year levels from Year 1 - Year 4. I have a few favourite subjects I really enjoy teaching, these are the arts, science and maths. I have been involved in the JRock performance for the last 3 years. This is Stage Challenge for primary school children it involves a mix of dance and drama and is an amazing opportunity for the students of Reremoana School.

I am an absolute animal lover. I use to work for Guide Dogs for the Blind before I decided to make the switch to teaching. At home I have two cute bunnies called Momo and Suki who get up to a lot trouble by chewing anything and everything! I also enjoy spending my time reading a good book at the beach in Pauanui or Matarangi.

My philosophy on teaching is to create real world learners who have the tools to independently learn and decide what their next steps will be. Therefore they will be discerning in their choices and will build their resilience to challenges. I have high expectations of the children I teach and have no doubt that Room 18 will exceed these with support both from school and home.

I have an open door policy with my classroom and encourage you to come and see me if you have any celebrations or concerns. If you would like to ensure that I will have sufficient time to talk to you then you are most welcome to book a time with me first. You can do this by sending an email

Looking forward to working with you,
Miss Wilson

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