Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Science: Habitats

We are now learning about habitats. A habitat is a place where an animal or plant lives. There are a lot of different types of habitats. Some of the habitats we have been learning about are the desert, swamp, rocky shore, arctic, rainforest and coral reefs. We look forward to sharing our posters with you when we have completed them.

Here are some photos of Room 18 exploring different habitats

For this activity we were matching up the animals to the habitat that they would live in

At this station we were matching up explanations of different habitats to their headings. For example a dry place with lots of cacti would match up with desert.

Here the children are looking at the food chain in different habitats. They had to find the plant then the animal that would eat that plant, then the animal that would eat the first animal. For example a rabbit eats grass and is eaten by an owl. 

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