Thursday, 12 June 2014

Science: Living World

This term Room 18 is focusing on Science. We are looking at the living world. First we had to think about what is living and what is non-living.

We had an activity where we had to cut out pictures and decide if they were living or non-living. Some of them were quite tricky. A few of us got a bit confused about whether fire, chocolate, an ipad or the moon are living or non-living things.

Next we had to think about what makes something living. We found out that there are seven characteristics of living things. In groups we brainstormed our ideas.

Then we came back together as a class and learnt about an acronym called MRS GREN. If we can remember MRS GREN we can remember the seven characteristics of living things:

M - movement
R - respiration
S - sensitivity

G - growth
      R - reproduction
E - excretion 
N - nutrition

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