Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Field of Dreams Swimming

We have been enjoying going to our swimming lesson at Sykes Road Pools. Today we had a lesson on safety.

First we learnt how to rescue someone who doesn't know how to swim in a pool. We DO NOT jump in the pool to help them as they may panic and pull us under the water. If they are close to the side of the pool we can use a pool noodle to help them. You need to lay down on the side of the pool and hold the noodle out to them. They then grab onto the noodle and you pull them back to the side of the pool and help them out.

If they are further away from the side of the pool you DO NOT get in the pool to help them either. You look around for something to throw to them so they can float and kick themselves to the side of the pool. At swimming we threw flutter boards. At home you may have a board or a noodle you could throw. When they get to the side of the pool you help them to get out. 

Next we put on life jackets and learnt some new skills with the life jackets. When you are on a boat and you are going to go into the water you need to sit on the side of the boat with you bottom near the edge. You then link arms with the person next to you. Do not let go of them!

Then you start at one end and start to fall backwards into the water and stay floating on your back

When everyone is in the water all connected (we broke apart) you lay on your back and kick away from the boat.

Then you need to get into a huddle to keep yourself safe from floating away and to make it easier for a rescue team to find you.

When you are in the huddle you need to lay back on your back and face up to the sky. The instructors splashed water on our faces but we were not allowed to let go of our group or we would get lost. You have to stay in your huddle till you are rescued to keep safe

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