Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Bike and Scooter Day

Last week at Reremoana School we had a focus on the importance of road safety especially around bikes and scooters.

In Room 18 we read a big book about bikes

Here are some of the things we learnt from it

- You always need to wear a helmet
- Make sure you can get on and off your bike
- Your toes need to touch the ground when standing on the bike
- You need to be able to start without wobbling
- You need to know how to turn your bike
- You need to know how to turn your bike

Students from the Student Council designed four courses for the Tui Team to ride on and practise their skills. 

Bike Day Recounts by Room 18:

"Yay" on Friday we had bike day. We did it at school. We had four courses. We had a scooter and bike. We went around the circle following the chalk and we had to go in the gaps. We did this with the Tui Team so we can be safe on the road.
By Sarai

At school we had a bike day with the Tui Team. There were 4 bike activities to do with the bikes and scooters. We had to go around a green circle with a bean bag on our head. We had to balance it on our head. 
By Lucan

"Wee! I love my bike". I could ride my bike all day. Today is awesome because it's bike day. Everyone is happy. We had to balance a bean bag on our head it was funny as a clown. New we had to go around the cones. I felt happy.
By Keira

We really enjoyed our Bike and Scooter Day thank you Student Council for making the course. 

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