Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Last term in class we learnt about Anzac Day and why this day is special.

We read stories in our School Journals about Anzac Day and how they felt during the war.

We then created chain poems to help remember Anzac Day and what it is like during war. When you create a chain poem the last word on the line is the first word on the next line. Here are some of our poems: 


In war you can get killed
Killed means die
Die is what you do in war
War is a bad thing

By Rian

In the war people have really tough lives
Lives they have to survive really gooey mud
Mud sometimes has water in
In the hole to hide when the soldiers come
come after other brave soldiers

By Isabelle

The army was stuck in the mud
Mud was hard
Hard to come back from the war
War is hard

By Pharrell

Brave soldiers going to war
War is scary at the least
Least soldiers fight
Fight the soldiers do
Do the soldiers die

By Kate

We also made wreaths to help remember ANZAC Day here is a photo of what our wall display looks like of our poems with our wreaths:

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