Monday, 24 February 2014

Reminder: Jolly Jars for Gala

The Reremoana School Gala is fast approaching and we need all the help we can get to raise much needed funds for our school. One of our high earners is the Jolly Jar sale. We ask that each child makes a Jolly Jar to sell at our Gala. 

How to make a Jolly Jar:

Get a plastic jar (peanut butter, honey or marmite container or something similar) that is now clean and empty. Then decorate the outside of the container so you cannot see what is inside. You could wrap it with wrapping paper or cover it in stickers. Then you need to fill the inside with a nice surprise i.e. sweets, chocolate, toy cars, play dough, hair ties, stickers, or school supplies like erasers, pens, pencils etc. Please do not enclose the lid when decorated as all Jolly Jars are checked prior to sale. 

This is just a reminder for now to start finding your plastic jar so you are ready to make your Jolly Jar. I will send this notice out in the homework as well with a date for when the Jolly Jars need to be completed and handed in at school by. 

Similar to this but try to cover up the whole jar so you cannot see the surprise inside

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