Monday, 24 February 2014

Reminder: Gala Helpers Needed!

The Reremoana School Gala will be held on Saturday 15th March from 3pm-8pm. The Reremoana School Gala is one of the main ways we raise money to support your child's learning and to make our school a better place. We cannot hold a gala without parent support. The Reremoana School Support Team do an amazing job organising this event for us to attend but we need to have volunteers to help on the day to make it successful. Each class will be assigned an activity and we need volunteers to help man each station. The time slots are only two hours so you will still be able to have fun at the gala as well.

Please let me know if you are able to volunteer for one of the time slots. So far I only have 3 volunteers from Room 18. 

Please return the notice pictured below to me with the time you are able to volunteer or email me with the time if you have lost the notice 

Holiday Postcards

We have written postcards about our favourite thing we did in our summer holidays. We had to use an interesting beginning to capture our readers attention. Please come into Room 18 and read our holiday postcards.

Reminder: Jolly Jars for Gala

The Reremoana School Gala is fast approaching and we need all the help we can get to raise much needed funds for our school. One of our high earners is the Jolly Jar sale. We ask that each child makes a Jolly Jar to sell at our Gala. 

How to make a Jolly Jar:

Get a plastic jar (peanut butter, honey or marmite container or something similar) that is now clean and empty. Then decorate the outside of the container so you cannot see what is inside. You could wrap it with wrapping paper or cover it in stickers. Then you need to fill the inside with a nice surprise i.e. sweets, chocolate, toy cars, play dough, hair ties, stickers, or school supplies like erasers, pens, pencils etc. Please do not enclose the lid when decorated as all Jolly Jars are checked prior to sale. 

This is just a reminder for now to start finding your plastic jar so you are ready to make your Jolly Jar. I will send this notice out in the homework as well with a date for when the Jolly Jars need to be completed and handed in at school by. 

Similar to this but try to cover up the whole jar so you cannot see the surprise inside

Reminder: Goal Setting Conferences

Just a reminder that Goal Setting Conferences are on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th March. Please make a booking as it is a good way to see how your child has started the year and where they need to go. 

Goal Setting Conferences are open for bookings using the online website Simply follow the online instructions. If you have an email address we strongly recommend you enter this, as once you have booked your time, you will automatically be emailed to confirm it.

The event code is WPWYU 

Valentine's Day!

In Room 18 we enjoyed making Valentine's Day cards for our family. We had to think about what we love doing with our families and thank them for it. We hope you enjoyed your cards.

Happy Valentine's Day from Room 18!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Room 18's Classroom Rules

In Room 18 last week we looked at what rules we should have in our classroom to make it a happy place where we all want to have fun learning. 

At first we came up with a very long list of things not to do, like no pushing, no swearing, no hitting etc. We decided that this wasn't a very positive way to write our classroom rules, so we changed our rules to be more positive. We discovered that when you are being nice to other students, that means that you don't push them or hit them, so this rule covered those behaviours we don't want in our classroom. Here are the rules Room 18 has agreed upon:

Meet Miss Buchanan

This year in Room 18 we are lucky enough to have a student teacher who will be with us for part of the year. Her name is Miss Buchanan and here is a little more about her:

Kia Ora parents/guardians and students, 

My name is Miss Buchanan and I am in my third and final year of studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary) Teaching at the University of Auckland. I will be in Room 18 for 10 weeks in total over the year -three weeks at the beginning of the year and then for seven weeks at the end of Term Two until week five of Term Three, although I will be visiting throughout the year on my breaks from university. 
I was raised in South Auckland and have lived in Papakura for most of my life. I enjoy going up north to Matauri Bay to visit family and am a summer person so love going to the beach and enjoying the sun. I also enjoy reading, spending time with my family and friends and exploring new places.
I am very passionate about teaching and becoming a teacher and can’t wait to have my own class next year. Teaching is important to me because children are the future of our world and I want to help educate them to be well informed citizens of the community and society. This means they will be better equipped to make well informed decisions throughout their life. I also want to be able to provide as many opportunities for children to learn and experience real life scenarios, and encourage their willingness to learn. 
I am very excited to be part of Room 18 and looking forward to getting to know you all during my time at Reremoana School.

- Miss Buchanan